Judith Hammerlind-Carlson Spirit Award

The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them.

~Stephen King

The Judith Hammerlind-Carlson Spirit Award was established by TechACCESS in 2015.

This award is presented annually to a user of Augmentative Communication or Assistive Technology who strives to bring awareness to the role assistive technology can play in improving the lives of people with disabilities and those around them.

Judi was the founder of the Assistive Technology Conference of New England and TechACCESS of Rhode Island, where she served as the Executive Director.  She was a dedicated and talented clinician, and a ground-breaker in the field of Assistive Technology in Rhode Island, improving communication in the lives of so many families.

25 years ago, Judi began the endeavor to open a non-profit to provide assistive technology services to individuals with disabilities.  She was told by leaders in the field that it couldn’t be done.  Choosing to focus on possibilities instead of obstacles, Judi forged ahead to create her legacy: TechACCESS of RI.


Past Award Recipients:

2018: Rachel Labella

2017: Corinna Calise

2016: Chris Klein

2015: James Petrone